anthony roberts penis remedy story

Hello , Anthony here . Glad you found my page. You know for sometime I was truly embarrassed to date or even talk to girls due to my penis size. I felt ashamed, lost confidence in myself. No longer had a desire or passion for life. For a moment , it felt as if my life was truly , for some , you say. WHATS THE BIG DEAL? Well for those who don’t know, 94% woman are into you until you show them a small penis, dont care how good of a guy you think you are , she is surely to cheat and most of the time and she is unsatisfied. Relationship fail after relationship,couldn’t understand the issue . For the first 3 mos of dating all was GREAT until , the bedroom romance. After sex most women became too busy ,started making excuses and blowing me off , Remind you this only happens after sex. So one occasion , I ran into my ex Audree( Smoking Hot Red Head) and ask her , hey we had such a great , why the sudden change, and she said , I will never forget these brutal words, “Your a great guy, your cute, but your penis well its tiny”. OUCHHHH!!!! Talk about hurting an ego, I was embarrassed, and knew this was the whole reason. Which led to a downward spiral of depression, I mean .. How can you fix this? Iam born with this penis. Well surely a few months went by , I met a new friend named Amber at the local Home Depot store, well lets just say things got steamy real quick but warned her of my embarrassing secret , Surprisingly she had a bff , with a husband who had erectile issues , recommended , Penis Enlargement Remedy, In my mind SCAM!! BS!!! Crap doesn’t work, but HECK- what did i have to lose ? plus it came with 60 day money back guarantee, anyways . Got the product ,and to my suprise , I have increased 4.5 inches in a very short time -which now gives me a total of  8.6 inches penis size and extra girth.Total Transformation , Completely. Now my  male friends , my ego is soaring. I honestly hate to reveal my little secret ,but feel there is guy out there feeling as I was , and that’s the guy I want to help. Penis Enlargement Remedy changed my life and possibly could change yours. You have nothing to lose . So can’t say , there are no solutions out there to penis sizes , as I found one.